Strike Magazine seeks to present new and alternative looks at art, criticism, poetry and culture for our readers as well as provide an outlet for writers and artists to have their work looked at in-depth. Because Strike is a free magazine and we maintain a no-ad policy, we must turn to our friends and readers for support!

Currently, our old printer has gone out of commission so we’re looking to get a new one so we can continue maintaining a print run. We can’t do it alone, so we’re reaching out to all of you to help us get there!

Give us a hand by visiting our GoFundMe page here.

Folks who donate $5 or more can look to get their name in our “Thanks for the Support” section of our 5th issue, as well as endless love from the Strike staff. At $10 we’ll send you an autographed issue of your choice. $20 bags you an official Strike T-shirt. A $50 donation gets you everything including an autographed, hand-printed original copy of Issue #1.


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