The Fix 9/12/2013

Another edition of The Fix is coming at you right here, right now. You may run, but you cant hide. Just sit back and enjoy it…OR ELSE!

paul_tomkowicz_street_railway_switchman beatriz


My video production professor asked us a very simple question: is this a documentary film? The life of Paul Tomkowics is revealed through a sophisticated lens and the staged production left me in limbo about the response. Some scenes lack ambiguity but the story is real. So is it?

Hush Painting




Inspired by graffiti art, ideas about culture, class and beauty clash in paintings by UK artist, Hush.
destino-disney-dali Raul




I was going to pick this last week, but I knew Betty was going with “Miosis” and I didn’t want to have two animated shorts. “Destino” is a collaboration between two innovators of the visual artistic medium: Salvador Dali and Walt Disney (though the personal input of Disney seems to be negligible and more credit probably should go to studio artist John Hench). Originally story-boarded in 1945, the project wasn’t unearthed and brought to life until 1999. The finished short features the surreal images of Dali accentuated by the vivid and dreamlike animation as the story of the romance between Chronos and a mortal unnamed woman unravels. Enjoy.

Antichrist Betty


In the spirit of the holidays coming up, I wanted to give the less spirited of us a list of the most fucked up and disturbing films out there. Enjoy!


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