Poetry by Thomas Murphy

Will you try to destroy women’s rights for another century
or let this faction now in control roll
until terror’s whipped from the world?
___________the helicopters rove above the house.
Simulations of HIV proved to come from _________________
not what______________was shredded before _______________.

Are the camera’s still on?

This George stares down the world
after buying from Wal-Mart’s bearded lady
all the duct tape and plastic

and awaits the toxic clouds to permeate the town’s cerebellum
in his drag-queen wig.

Thomas Murphy‘s duration of time in Corpus Christi is only second to his time spent in Palo Alto, California. Married with three daughters he teaches at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi and continues to write and create art. This poem was published in Issue 2 of Strike Magazine.


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