Thursday’s Picks: August 8th

Friday is almost upon us, and while we’re all chomping at the bit to relax in the weekend (or not) Strike’s editors share some cool gems they found around the internet including a graphic designer at work, some hypnotizing visuals, a forgotten plus-size pinup, jams from National Wake and a documentary about a compelling case in San Antonio. Le’go!

Pheonix Bike Shot

Elyveth: Every year Pedal Craft in Phoenix, Arizona has a poster contest for a bike event where they print out 25 of each design and the highest-selling one wins. Badass designer, art director, and illustrator Bob Case won with this design. This is 30 hours of work compressed into a five-and-a-half minute video, in which he uses Photoshop to complete his work.




Mike: WIFE is a very strange mixed media, avant garde art outfit based in LA made up of Nina McNeely, Kristen Leahy, and Jasmine Albuquerque. WIFE is both haunting and poetic incorporating elements of dance, music, film and animation in their presentations. See also “Statuettes”.

Hilda on Bike



Beatriz: So, I picked this because I enjoyed the different personalities and facial expressions of Hilda through her calendar years. Ironically, this is why she is presumed to have been less popular than other pinups besides her full figure. It allows the reader to reflect on the iconic looks of the fifties and enjoy a more personable variety of illustrations.


Raul: Reissue label Light in the Attic is releasing a compendium entitled “Walk in Africa 1979-81,” containing every recording of Apartheid-era South African punk band, National Wake. The group was formed at a time of heightened tensions, shortly after the Soweto Uprising occurred where bandmates Punka and Gary Khoza had come from after their families had been forced to move there when the government began consolidating the black population. The band dissolved shortly after, having released only one album. Stereogum offers the first track off the compilation for download, and it kind of kicks ass.


San Antonio four movie poster

Erika: Austin-based director Deborah Esquenazi is currently working on a documentary titled Southwest of Salem: The Story of the San Antonio Four, which follows the exoneration process of four Chicana lesbians from San Antonio who were found guilty of sexually assaulting two young girls. One of the alleged-victims has now recanted the allegations, and attorneys and advocates believe the crime never actually happened. The documentary is currently under production and was just selected for funding by the Sundance Institute. The highly anticipated film will chronicle what’s being called one of the biggest cases in LGBT criminal history.



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